speaking about creating "Empathy Spaces" & the "why" of her innovative performance practices

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In Tamar Diesendruck’s ‘Tell’ sonorities are shed by wearing away a thousand year old musical hill, as it were. It sounded partly like a self-declared rap with sprechstimme and tambourine rhythms, then suddenly like a mature film music folksong.

Laura Carmichael in the lead role as speaking player dug brilliantly through the layers of sound.
— Andreas Daams, Neue Rhein Zeitung (translated from original German)
... Carmichael and Kishi played “Charisma.” Exploiting the extreme ranges of both instruments and extremes in dynamics, Xenakis’ piece is charged with unbridled power and kinetic force, and the two instrumentalists captured that easily, giving a stunning and hypnotic performance.
— Edward Reichel, Deseret News, Salt Lake City Utah
Carmichael and Blackmore gave a compelling reading of the work that captured the intensity of expressions and the unfolding drama between the two instrumentalists. (Lee Hyla’s ‘We Speak Etruscan’)
— Edward Reichel, Deseret News, Salt Lake City Utah