and movement

Ever since I was small I wanted to move. I danced, climbed trees, did stunts, and felt a lot of physical freedom. I didn't need science to validate that the body and mind are connected. I knew that-- always.

Translating the feeling of a gesture into sound was very organic for me. Looking back, I realize this is a thread through my work. It grew out of my fascination for movement, for nature, for a thankfulness to be alive, to be walking, to be. I had a major car accident as a teenager, and my spine was broken. I don't take physical freedom, physical liberation, breathing, for granted.

Since 1990 I've immersed myself in body-mind training systems, not only to support my professional performance work, but also in large part to help recover from this accident. Since that time I've practiced Alexander Technique, martial arts, meditation and peak performance techniques, along side doing personal development work.