Next course: early 2018

What is the schedule?

  • Live sessions are on Mondays or Thursdays at 20:30-22:00 Central European Time (11:00am Pacific/2:00pm Eastern – find your timezone here)
  • The course is delivered in six modules (see curriculum). Normally each module lasts for two weeks. There is one week extra in the middle of the course to catch up or have a breather.
    In the summer an "intensive" course will be offered for those who want to fast track their develpment. Modules are delivered every week. Current session is now closed.

what's the format?

  • Lessons are facilitated by video webinar, including interactive participant examples, Q&A, and time for partiipants to work in breakout groups in order to learn from each other interactively.
  • All sessions are recorded so you may listen anytime from anywhere in the world.
  • An online discussion group and optional buddy system can offer interaction between sessions.
  • Once you follow the course you are part of the Bigger Space community, and are invited to continue participating in the forum and future courses, thus staying engaged with the work and building the community.
  • You will receive a 30-40 minute pre-recorded intro to each module, to listen to in your own time before the live sessions.
  • Readings and homework is to do at your own pace and discretion.

What is the time commitment?

2 to 5 hour per module
Including a 30-40 minute prep recording for each module, the 90-minute interactive class call; the time you spend on homework (creative practice, making things, taking action, journaling and reading) and interaction with other participants is flexible.

What is the investment cost?

The cost for the course is €283/$317 incl 21% VAT/tax. That is €37/$41 per module, plus VAT/tax and processing fee. You can pay tuition in one or two installments (€148/$165 each when paid in two installments). A 13% discount for early-bird payment is offered: €250/$280 (sign up for invitation and to keep informed of deadlines). Go to the Registration page to sign up.

All $ = US Dollars. € = Euros. You may be able to deduct the course as a business expense if you are self-employed.

How does the online part work technically?

Our course will be hosted on a secure webinar based platform with audio and optional video support, accessed either by computer or phone dial in. You need your computer, tablet or mobile phone with the application downloaded. For best quality please use an audio headset and microphone. Handouts and slides will be easy to access via Google Docs.

What if I can't make a session or get behind?

All sessions will be recorded. You can listen after, view video and slides, do the homework, and connect with other participants at any time convenient to you. All materials will be online for three months after the end of the course, and are yours to keep.

What about privacy?

All content shared via the workshop is totally private. We agree with each other to not share stories we hear from other participants, nor to reveal each other's identities outside the course. It is crucial that everyone participating feels a shelter from the scrutiny of the public eye, being watched, or being exposed without permission. We create a private place to speak openly about vulnerabilities, struggles, and hopes. All communication is on secure data transfer systems. Course materials are copyrighted, and only available for course participants to use. What you want to share about your own experience is up to you.

Can I participate anonymously?

The course is designed to build a transparent network of peers, and make a space in which to drop the artifices, personas, and keeping up appearances which many women find so exhausting. If you are not sure how "public" you want to be, you may participate with a pseudonym or choose not to interact on the live calls, and remain in "listen only" mode (only the facilitator will know your identity). However, past participants have found the interaction with other participants a valuable aspect of the course. During the course you will be encouraged to investigate the strength in vulnerability.

What about refunds if I am unable to continue?

Full refund is available up to the time before the course starts. Because the materials remain online after the course is finished, you will be able to catch up later if circumstances prevent you from completing the material while the course is live.

How do I sign up?

For future courses, stay informed by signing up for the mailing list and receive early-bird specials and notification. Regular registration normally opens one week before the course.

How do I know if the course is right for me?

This course is right for you if:

• You want to learn new new models for women's empowerment & leadership

• You feel too isolated, yet long for support and camaraderie about professional struggles

• You want to build your network in an authentic way

• You are at a crossroads and want to take new risks without self-sabbotage

• You've made a substantial body of work, but it goes unrecognized

• You know you are being underpaid, or that your work is undervalued

• You keep getting rejections but don't know why, or doubt if you should apply

• You're haunted by negative criticism that now causes you to hold back

• A pernicious inner critic voice makes you self-conscious, distracts you when working, or makes you hesitant to speak up

• There is a creative project you've been saying you want to do for years, but never get to it

• You feel overwhelmed by trying to balance parenting or caregiving with your professional and creative ambitions

• You want honest, constructive feedback that helps you move forward and stay engaged

• You don't feel ready/qualified/good enough/confident to take the next big step in your career

• You're keen to apply personal development tools in an arts specific context – you're ready to challenge assumptions

• You feel in top form and in a creative zone, and now want to step into a higher profile arena, or take more leadership roles

get your spot or a link to the replay if you can't attend live

Still not sure?

Some advice from Tara Mohr....

• Check in with your body: How does the idea of registering feel in your body — good and exciting? Good but scary/exhilarating? Those are good signs.

• Notice what part of you is hesitant: Your inner wisdom? Listen up. Inner critic? Voice of fear? Not good voices to listen to. Question what they are saying. Especially question any voices telling you that you somehow you won't fit in, are not "professional enough" or "creative enough," too old or too young, or that the time to do this has to be just right.

• Explore: Is there a particular fear or worry you have? If so, write it down and examine it in the light.

• Ask yourself: If you knew you couldn’t fail at this, and that you’d fit in beautifully with the group — what would you do?

• Reflect: What are your intentions for the coming months? Does this feel well aligned, or not?