Laura Carmichael, bass clarinet

Laura Carmichael, bass clarinet

private Lessons

I offer private lessons on clarinet and bass clarinet at my studio in Amsterdam, and via Skype.

My ideal student: advanced students to early professionals, focused, practice a lot, have their own ideas about repertoire, long to take risks, are curious, and want to deepen their own voice and original thinking. I'm not interested in carbon copies -- I'm interested in helping people do what is unique to them. Send me the rebels, the want-to-be-rebels, the outsiders, the earnest, broken-hearted geeks.

I've had the privilege to study with some of the top clarinet and bass clarinet teachers, work with wonderful conductors and composers, and play alongside and learn from world class musicians and artists. It is my honor to pass on that knowledge.

I'm at home with the standard and contemporary repertoire (but not all of it!). Give me Mozart, Brahms, Debussy, Berio, Yun, experimental scores... I'll have something to say about it. But mostly I want to hear what you want to say about it. 

I know how to interpret scores, solve technical problems, work with technology. I specialize in theatrical music, voice and playing. 

The relationship of the whole body to the instrument has been a 25 year fascination. Consequently I'm pretty good at spotting physical tensions and helping shift it, addressing breathing problems and technical problems caused by negative thinking or self-doubt.

I love exploring music together, and I love it when students play better than me.

I love working with people who have a lot of desire but feel lack of confidence-- something I felt myself for years, and feel I now know how to help other with (see coaching). I can offer encouragement and incisiveness, while working to high standards. I love seeing the underdog surprise everyone.


I'm interested in applying the dynamics of empowerment to achieve musical freedom, inclusion, pleasure and meaning.

Over the years I have done a lot of body-mind work, personal development work, and leadership work. In my "other life" I offer these skills to non-musician professionals. I'm thrilled when I can bring these learnings full circle back to the arts. Seeing a liberated artist at home with themselves and their process is one of the things that makes me happy and inspires me the most.

I offer coaching tools for musicians to address negative inner voices (monkey mind, overbearing inner critic), fears that get in the way, holding back from going for bigger dreams and risks, being stuck in good student behavior, struggling to advocate for oneself and one's work, and presence. I've completed Tara Mohr's Playing Big Faciltator's Training, and integrate many of her tools.

With a student's agreement this work gets integrated into my music lessons. But sometimes a student wants to work on these issues with more attention, even away from the instrument. Then a series of coaching sessions with a specific goal in mind can be useful.

I'm also keen to coach ensembles, look at self-awareness, group dynamics, and help you find processes that keep you engaged, inspired and create your own vision. For more on my workshops and masterclasses for larger groups, ie at conservatoires, click here.


receiving coaching from Harry Sparnaay, with Chiffre Trio

receiving coaching from Harry Sparnaay, with Chiffre Trio