Below are a sample of Laura Carmichael's current workshops & lectures for conservatories & universities.


critical response process workshop

A workshop in Liz Lerman's Critical Response Process – "A method for getting useful feedback on anything you make, from dance to dessert"

  • develops a systematic method to give and receive meaningful feedback
  • uncovers our values as artists and communicate them
  • gets beyond cheerleading or compulsive offense & defense posturing
  • moves you through the vulnerable early stages of showing work and receiving feedback in an empowering way that motivates you to get right back to work
  • unhook from seeking praise and avoiding criticism by looking at feedback through a new lens

Format: can be applied in any group larger than five, including students, public, faculty. Ideal for a studio class, forum, running audience discussions, and rehearsal techniques. 1.5-3 hours per session, depending on outcomes vs. learning process. Ideally the format is repeated at some interval if learning the process and moderator role is one of the goals.


A synthesis of effective coaching tools tailored for the performing artist.

  • recognize when the voice of self doubt is getting in the way
  • how a curious mindset vs. judgmental mindset affects our ability to learn
  • listen and communicate with self-awareness & constructive clarity

Participants explore:

  • the difference between a Fixed and Open mindset, as defined by Carol Dweck
  • how to recognize the difference between the destructive Inner Critic, which blocks us, and constructive critical thinking – and tools to turn it around
  • notice when fear is preventing us from perceiving well, and tools to come back to presence of mind, which allows us to listen and respond in the moment

For Faculty:

  • how to help your students stay in a growth mindset
  • how to recognize when a student is blocked by the inner critic and what to do about it
  • integrating open mindset into the traditional teaching framework

improvisation & gesture workshop

Over the last decade I've developed a method to generating non-habituated raw material in music. By transforming text to gesture to sound, musicians and composers can access various parts of their mind, circumventing inhibition and tapping into new associations. Core content is grounded in research done during a two-year residency (2008-10) at the University of Southampton, UK, where I researched the nature of collaboration and creativity.

Parts of the content have been presented as "Connections: Creativity” at the Salzburg Mozarteum in the series Body and Mind at ConTempOhr, and at Klagenfurt University (Austria), University of New Mexico, Istanbul Bilgi University and University of California at Davis.

A trailer of this workshop is on Vimeo, just send me a message and I'll send you the private link.


composers workshops

Over the years I have worked closely with composers in many contexts. I've given countless masterclasses and workshops at institutions including UCSD, Harvard, Stanford, USC, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago. I've collaborated with experienced composers like Julio Estrada and Toshio Hosokawa, and developed long-term collaborations with composers with whom I worked early in their career and followed their development, like Ken Ueno and Chen Yi.

 I love working with students, and I've discovered how to help composers make their ideas speak more clearly, via their notation and what fits with the instruments.

My approach is curiosity driven, mutual respect and an openness to experiment and try anything. I'm available for readings, residencies, collaborations and concerts.

Duo X Oguz piece RKL Remote Control.jpg

for performers - contemporary Performance practice & how to work with composers

  • Coaching new and standard repertoire
  • Specializing in techniques with voice and playing, graphic and experimental scores, theatrical elements/staging, computers & new technologies 
  • Performance practices and interpretation
  • Coaching communication
  • Coaching collaboration


lecture: creativity & connection

A more traditional lecture style presentation. Current findings on how we are hardwired to connect and be creative, the elements that foster a creative climate, collaboration vs. competition, how we can approaching resistance and why it's worth the trouble.

Can be focused to a more general audience, or within a music specialist context including my own research.

public workshop: creativity from inside out

  • Experiential workshops for non-artist professionals
  • Create audience engagement
  • Translate artistic processes to deepen understanding and connection
  • Help people get out of their heads, and into their bodies. By (re)awaking their sensory experience and own playful creative expression, participants connect on a direct level with artists' thinking and processes.
  • Makes experimental and innovative processes accessible, personal and meaningful
  • Do not require musical literacy or instrumental proficiency