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sos vivaldi

23-24 FEB 2018 20:00

at Aker Stadt Palast, Berlin

A shipwreck, a flood, a myth inverted.
This intimate performace synthesizes text & instrument with mash-ups of marginalized voices, field recordings and classical references that dive deep into the wreckage of patriarchy.

A clarinetist who speaks, Vivaldi's Nisi Dominus RV608, a Syrian song, an Adrienne Rich's poem Diving into the Wreck.

With aditional music by:
Morris Rosenzweig 2005 and counting...Katrina
Ig Henneman The Motion Caused
Cindy Cox Shape of the Shell

Cindy Cox 4.jpg

What if Arachne hadn't committed suicide? What if there was an Angel of Alternative History?

This is my response to coping with the longing to hear stories untold while living with the nostalgia, wreckage, violence and beauty of the classical, inherently male tradition.

Premiered April 2017 at University of California, Berkeley.

California ORANGE 


Ig Henneman The Motion Caused
Hannah Lash California Orange
Cindy Cox Shape of the Shell
Morris Rosenzweig 2005 and counting - Katrina
Julio Estrada Yuunohui'yei' Ehecatl

step into the bigger space

An online course for professional women artists, performers, creators who want to step into professional risk taking and leadership while building an international network. 

Next course begins early 2018. 

"I learned so much from Laura’s excellent lectures, the very well chosen reading list and my own inner work based on Laura’s work. Laura’s coaching skills are amazing. She knows just how to encourage the participants to move past their individual obstacles into the following step. Although I am well established in my field, the course gave me the tools, insight  and inspiration to move forward on several of my own projects. The overall effect of the course for me has been very freeing! I recommend it to women artists at every stage in their careers.”

— Nancy Braithwaite, professor of clarinet and chamber music at Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatory

Stars Like Sibilants Speak

Ken Ueno's 30 minute work for two clarinets, sho, electronics with speaking parts and staging. Part ritual, part poetry. Here is a film version, directed by Sjaron Minalo, funded by Amsterdam Fonds voor de Podiumkunst. View trailer: