for the record... a few career highlights

  • Played Berio in the Berlin Philharmonie with MusikFabrik
  • Played Mahler 9 with San Francisco Symphony, MTT conducting
  • Played in Stockhausen's Sonntag aus Light in Köln Opera, wearing a wannabe space suit
  • Improvised with too many amazing musicians to name; played many times in the BIMHuis with amazing friends and colleagues.
  • Named a Selmer Artist in 2011
  • Premiered Julio Estrada's yuunohui´ehecatl in Bremen, Germany for Projektgruppe Neue Musik
  • Nursed my baby backstage while on a small tour with a band of bass clarinetists
  • Presented my method for using physical gesture to generate raw sound material at the 2011 SABRe conference in Zurich
  • From 2008-2010 was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton, UK, researching ways to integrate text/movement/theater/multi-media into instrumental performance. Was up for an AHRC grant. Didn't get it.
  • Almost got at job at SUNY Buffalo and again at UCSD -- but didn't.
  • Played Robert Ashley's music with him & Ensemble MAE in Berlin Festspele at MaerzMusik
  • Created several staged concerts with Naomi Sato as Duo X, using wireless controllers, video and electronics.
  • Played in an energy museum at the ReBodying Festival in Istanbul.
  • Played twice at Tokyo Wonder Site with Duo X. They gave us a prize.
  • Performed solo recital at Merkin Hall, New York in 2000.
  • Performed at many venues that no longer exist: Ijsbreker, Bethanienklooster, Kikker
  • Did a residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts, was meant to be with Steve Lacy, but he died. Elizabeth Streb changed my life.
  • Played at the gorgeous Mondavi Center and had a residency at UC Davis, CA
  • Played Xenakis at high altitude
  • Recorded in an anechoic chamber with Cindy Cox at UC Berkeley
  • Ran my own ensemble in San Francisco called Alternate Currents in the 1990s, did many crazy projects at ODC, art galleries, etc
  • Studied with many amazing teachers including Harry Sparnaay at Conservatorium van Amsterdam, privately with Rosario Mazzeo, Fred Ormond at University of Michigan, and Richard MacDowell at Interlochen Arts Academy.

integration & dissemination

Over the last fifteen years Laura has brought her creative thinking know-how into the business world as a trainer and facilitator. You can find out about this aspect of her work at Currently she is a creativity and innovation facilitator at THNK School for Creative Leadership. Circling back, Laura is now bringing her expertise from innovation and leadership training into the arts sector. For performers and artists she offers a number of in-person workshops on mindset, inner critic and Critical Response Process. She's also created an online leadership course for professional women artists, Step Into the Bigger Space